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Boy Playing with Abacus

Philosophy of Child Development

We believe that children are individuals who grow best in clean, friendly, environments where they can reach their full potential by choosing from a variety of stimulating activities. We feel that the adult educator guides through appropriate play and continues to build relationships through interactions in their environments. We have clear age appropriate rules for the children to follow where they learn order, routine, and are given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our environments are set up in areas of interest which allow self-reflection and help build self- confidence within our center. We change the arrangement of the room frequently to give a refreshing feel. We bring a variety of learning centers for the children to explore and rotate new materials weekly. The children are taught to clean up their area before moving on to the next. We encourage and value parent involvement and maintain an open-door policy as well as a parent suggestion box in the lobby. We provide family resources and encourage Early Interventionists to visit the program/center and observe and participate in the child’s daily routine. When a child has a strong self-esteem and a lively curiosity as a result of an inclusive childcare program, then he/she will be eager and able to take on the challenges of school. We teach pre-reading/ writing and math skills through age appropriate activities and scaffold to continue progress. Through trainings and workshops our educators are able to effectively use methods based on research to provide an excellent pre-school curriculum.

Curriculum Statement

Our curriculum emphasizes growth and development for the individual child at Kids Kountry. We utilize the Early Learning Guidelines in our curriculum and continuously observe and reassess our curriculum plans based on the individual child’s growth and development. We keep little minds, hands, and bodies busy in many ways. We believe that children learn through interesting guided play. Our goal is to help them to feel independent yet learn how to follow rules and directions as well as being courteous to adults and other children. Our activities provide an inclusive and safe environment for children’s development and work daily to introduce them to the beautiful cultures that make up our community. Kid’s Kountry educators help guide children in appropriate interactions with others where courtesy and cooperation are stressed. Young children enjoy a routine because it makes them feel secure in knowing what to expect next. We also like to be flexible and spontaneous while still following a general structure. All of the younger age groups of infant, toddler, and preschoolers have a circle time where we greet the children, play games, sing songs, and tell stories. We have an atmosphere where children are encouraged to speak up and talk about a variety of subjects, thus using their language skills and developing self confidence in group settings. We have learning centers, clearly defined, in which children learn through continuous play, these learning centers are changed based on the children’s interest.

Guidance Policy

We encourage the children to obey the rules.  We try to have important rules that do not interfere with the enthusiasm and energetic nature of the young child.  Of course, hitting, biting and similar behaviors will be curtailed by first noting what motivated the problem and helping the offending child to find another way of coping with his/her problem.  We do have a time out, which is used to remove the child from the conflict, to help them cool down.  Aggressive behavior is usually caused by: fatigue, boredom, hunger, frustration, or need for kindness and attention.

We look for the cause of the problem to help solve it. Some children are aggressive because of bad habit. Time out is meant to help break the habit. Conflict in a group is inevitable. However, we try to teach proper conflict resolution. Real life skills such as: Talking about how they feel. Taking a walk or playing with someone else. Reading a book or doing an art project. Being rocked or held. When a child says, “I want my mommy,” we comfort and explain that their parent will return soon.

Policies and Procedures

Illness: If your child has any of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours, please keep them home:

1) Fever
2) Severe cold (thick cough and runny nose)
3) Diarrhea
4) Vomiting
5) Rash, other than diaper that is undiagnosed
6) Other symptoms such as red oozing eyes or sore throat

Notifiable Illness: Please alert center and notice will be posted. COVID, pinkeye, AIDS, Chicken Pox, Hepatitis A, B, & C, Herpes, Measles, Mumps, Pertussis, Ringworm, Head Lice. We reserve the right too check your child for lice and send them home until infestation is gone. We reserve the right to close classrooms or entire center due to COVID positive case or cases.

FOR LIABILITY PURPOSES WE WILL NOT ADMINISTER MEDICATIONS OR BREATHING TREATMENTS. We will use sunscreen, teething gel, diaper rash cream, and keep an EPI-pen on hand in case of a severe allergic reaction with a signed permission form. These items must be in the original container with the child’s name on it.

Child Abuse: We are required to report child abuse. The report is anonymous.

In accordance with state family child care licensing regulations, child care services are available without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry.

Reasons your childcare can be terminated: if you do not pay bill on time, and/or when teacher must spend a disproportionate amount of time with a disabled or behaviorally challenged child, thus taking attention away from the other kids. These steps will be taken:
1. Teacher or director will document child’s behavior, or child’s effect on the class.
2. Parent will meet with staff to make a plan of action.
3. If situation does not improve, at the discretion of Kids’s Kountry, the child may be terminated.

For a list of more extensive policies please refer to your enrollment form signed at day of enrollment.


In case of medical emergency, parents will be notified immediately. After conferring with the parent, a decision will be made about what to do. If it is life threatening, and we cannot get a hold of the parent, a decision will be made about what to do. If it is life threatening, and we cannot get a hold of the parent, the child will be transported by car or ambulance to the hospital, along with the medical release slip which the parent signs on the enrollment form. Kids country staff members are trained in CPR/ First Aide.

In the case of an emergency from an outside threat children and staff will walk or ride to the nearest Public School. (Hermosa Elementary) Staff will have a book with the children’s information to take along and parents will be notified immediately upon arrival at said school. If a situation arises where evacuation for the whole area is required the children will be transported (in any available vehicles) to Save Mart Grocery Store 495 N Valley Drive.

In the event of a shelter in place/lockdown the following steps will be taken to insure the safety of staff and children. The information will first be brought to all educators attention to follow steps in locking doors and following protocol from emergency services such as but not limited to bringing children inside in a manner that will not cause alarm, locking doors, staying away from windows/doors. Staff will engage children in an activity away from the doors and windows. The Director will post a sign on front door informing parents of lockdown. Parents will also be notified promptly by phone, remind or text message. Director will notify Barbara Cotton and Nikki de Leon of lockdown. Educators will maintain a calm atmosphere in the facility; try not to alarm the children. Pay close attention to the emotional needs of the children. Activity within the center may continue, but no access to the outside is permitted. If incident happens close to school pick up Director will notify Elementary schools of late pick up due to shelter in place/lockdown keeping them up to date. Children and staff in centers will be kept inside until threat is over. When shelter in place/lockdown is lifted Director will notify families and begin documentation to notify licensing no later than 24 hours after incident.

Staff will regularly count children, so the likelihood for a child to become lost is rare. If a child comes up missing from the center the center will first search the center, if perhaps they have wondered to another room, then the outside premises, and then call the parents and police. The incident will be reported later to licensing by phone call and written report. On a field trip careful checking of list will be done when leaving the center, exiting the vans gathering and participating, reentering the vans and upon arrival back at the center.

Fire drills are practiced monthly at Kids Kountry and the Las Cruces Fire Department inspects the facility annually. Fire extinguishers are serviced annually as well as emergency lighting and exit signs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality care and education for children that is child centered, holistic and values all children as individuals. We work to create a warm and safe environment for all to enjoy. Through developmentally appropriate activities we encourage a play based learning environment to explore many areas for growth and learning. We promote a welcoming space to encourage collaboration and continuity between families and educators.

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